Elbow Ligament Stabilisation


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Elbow brace 8 weeks You will be discharged on the day after the operation Gentle elbow movement under physiotherapy supervision No uncontrolled movement or lifting

Acute phase (0-4 weeks)


  • Protect healing tissue
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Stop muscle atrophy
  • Protect graft site to allow healing


  • Brace: posterior orthosis at 90 degrees elbow flexion
  • Initiate shoulder range of movement
  • Start elbow range of movement as tolerated in a flexion extension axis from week 2
  • No forearm supination beyond neutral for 3–6 weeks

Intermediate phase (4-8 weeks)


  • Gradual increase to full range of movement
  • Promote healing of repaired tissue
  • Regain and improve muscle strength
  • Restore full function of graft site


  • Brace: elbow hinged brace 60–100 degrees (gradually increase elbow flexion and increase extension 15 degrees at 2 week intervals)
  • Begin range of movement with neutral or pronated forearm
  • Begin light resistance exercise for arm (1 kilogram maximum)
  • Wrist curls, extension
  • Elbow extension–flexion
  • Progress shoulder program emphasize rotator cuff and scapular strengthening
  • Initiate shoulder strengthening with light resistance

Late phase (>8 weeks)


  • Brace: discontinue hinged brace by end of week 8
  • Initiate eccentric elbow flexion and extension
  • Progress elbow range of movement
  • Restore elbow stability
  • Ensure maintenance program continued for range, strength, proprioception and function

Guidelines for return to functional activities





3 months 4 months 8 weeks 6 months

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