Fractures and dislocations of the other fingers of the hand

Such injuries are seen commonly during sports or after motor vehicle accidents.

Dislocations are generally reduced or put back in place in the emergency department, however they need to be seen by the surgeon to assess stability. Its also important to mobilize the fingers as soon as possible, if the injuries are stable, to minimize stiffness.

Fractures in the fingers are seen commonly. Due to the inherent good blood supply of the hand, these fractures always heal. The goal of treatment, is to identify the fractures that need surgery for causes such as fractures extending into the joint, fractures that are rotationally malrotated and fractures that will end up healing in a shortened position. As these fractures tend to heal quickly, it’s imperative to be assessed, so that an early decision can be made to treat the unstable fractures with surgery.

These fractures can be fixed with very small plates and screws that allow the fractures to heal in a correct position and also allow the hand therapist to start early therapy on the hand to minimize stiffness and ensure a good outcome.

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