Melbourne Arm Clinic is a comprehensive upper limb surgical service.

We are a group of fellowship-trained upper limb orthopaedic surgeons that are committed to providing personalised and expert care for all types of orthopaedic upper limb injuries and conditions. Our team of Australian trained surgeons offers the latest non-surgical and surgical options for the full spectrum of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions.

All patients will receive a thorough clinical assessment of their problem, with all further investigations arranged on-site if required. We plan our treatment approach, hand-in-hand with the patient, taking into account the specific needs of the individual and by using evidence based medicine.

Our ethos:

  • To provide the highest level of care to our patients
  • To educate our patients in making decisions at every stage
  • To ensure that our clinical practice is of the highest integrity
  • To provide teaching, evidence-based research & innovation

We specialise in:

  • Joint replacement
  • Joint arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)
  • Fracture management
  • Sports & soft tissue injuries

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