What is Covered?

Consultation Fees

Our fees are in line with the Australian Medial Association guidelines and industry standards.

All consultation fees must be paid on the day of your appointment.
We accept:

  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Cheque

Surgical Fees

We provide a “known gap” for surgical procedures. This means that the majority of the surgeon’s fee will be paid directly by medicare and your private health insurance fund.

The “gap” amount is based on the complexity of your operation and the level of your private health cover. This is the only operative bill you will receive from your treatment at Melbourne Arm Clinic. This is payable prior to your operation.

The surgical assistant will not charge you a fee (payment is made directly from your private health insurance fund).

You may receive a small gap payment ($100-$250) from the anaesthetist involved in your care.

Hospital Costs

This is normally confined to any excess you may have with your private health insurance fund.


If you are a Workcover or TAC patient, you must bring your claim number and all other relevant documents to confirm your claim acceptance.

Consultation fees must be paid in full on the day, and we will provide you with a receipt for you to claim reimbursement from Workcover or TAC.

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